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If you're a business seeking automation for any part of your workflow or interested in integrating my services into your operations,  reach out.

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Leveraging no-code technology and a results-oriented approach, we will build you custom project and team management applications designed to streamline your workfow and optimize your time.

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Get all the benefits of custom software for a fraction of the cost. Our approach allows us to build bespoke solutions using no-code technology. This helps you streamline your operations, free up your time, and maximize your efficiency. Here's how a custom app can support your business:

Our recent projects include:

Content operating system platform for a content studio

Notion workspace design & development for a marketing agency

Data dashboards for an agency to visualize and communicate KPIs

Workflow management software (CRM & PMS) for a construction business

Hear from our clients

Fouad Nakhla
Founder, Fithaus

Chris was fantastic to work with and was a huge value add for my business! He helped us figure out what we were doing well and what we were doing poorly and helped us to build a strategy that doubled down on our strengths. Chris helped us get organized and focus on enhancing our operations and marketing strategy, and that ultimately helped us multiply revenues and profits. Highly recommend Chris!

Patrick O'Sullivan
CEO at GetMultiFamily

I was looking to articulate why someone should choose us and articulate my position in the market. I also wanted to get ideas on how to improve my marketing and business processes. I tried this on my own but it took my focus away from my strength. That's when I found Chris. The final delivery was very detailed and had many systems I could implement right away. I highly recommend Chris!

Brittni Alexandra
Founder, B.Beautiful

Chris is the best! He is honest, responsive and extremely informative. I had a horrible experience prior to finding him and he just completely got what it was I wanted and fixed a nightmare of a mess another company made. He has also helped me in emergency situations with a fast response and is always there to solve the issue. He will always be my go to for anything needed.

Anthony Chiaravalloti
Managing Partner, KSM

Christopher’s ability exceeded my expectations. I hired him to help me improve my company’s business plan to scale our revenue over the next 3 years. He was able to quickly identify inconsistencies (ex. realizing the pricing for our service offering did not match our branding, noting that we were too fragmented in our targeting, etc.). If anyone is looking for a business strategy expert, I would highly recommend Chris.

(  how it works )

Our 4-Step Process For Custom App Solutions

We follow a proven 4-step approach to creating digital tools that streamline your operations.

Audit and Analyze Operations
We'll conduct an in-depth business audit, examining every aspect of your workflows. Through analysis and conversations with your team, we uncover any friction points holding you back. This deep dive paves the way for crafting purposeful digital products tailored to support your goals.
Map the User Journey
Next, we craft user stories from your team’s perspective. Detailing their pain points and desires allows us to design an intuitive experience. Your users will feel the app was made for them because it centers around their workflows.
Execution of the Product Development Roadmap
Leveraging the insights from our audit and the user journey mapping, we develop a detailed roadmap for your app. While building, we check in with each milestone to make sure we’re aligning with your company objectives. Consistent check-ins ensure we build solutions that transform your operations.
Launch, Onboard, and Optimize
After the launch, our commitment continues with training and support while your team adopts the custom product into their workfow. We'll work alongside you and your team until usage of your custom app is like second nature.


First time hiring an Operation Partner? Here's what you need to know:

How fast will projects be delivered?

Projects take anywhere between 1 and 3 months depending on the complexity and integrations required. We also recommend planning for up to 3 months of training to fully integrate your staff.

How much does a custom application usually cost?

Price fully depends on the scope of the project and the length of time our team has to complete it. As a general statement, projects usually start at $5,000 and can go up to $50,000.

What is involved in the company audit?

Think of it as a free way of figuring out what core problem you have to fix next in your business. The initial strategy call will be 45 minutes. Here, we will ask follow up questions to dive deep into your business and understand what the core problem to be solved is. We then offer a generic roadmap for the best path to solve that bottleneck in your business. You can use it as and execute it yourself or hire us to do it for you.

How do you usually communicate throughout the project?

We work with both Slack (frequent and quick messages) and Email (milestone-based summaries and invoicing). If you have a different preferred communication method (i.e., WhatsApp, Teams, etc., we will accommodate.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us and one of our team members will get back to you.