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Content Operating System Platform for a Content Studio

Streamlining content operations and studio management for a content studio.

Product Developer
Project overview

A content studio in Toronto partnered with Cundari & Co. to develop a content operating system platform, streamlining content operations and studio management.

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Problem we were solving

CreatorClub, a content studio in Toronto, needed help scaling their processes. This included two key areas: content operations (i..e. how they consistently deliver high quality content for their clients) and studio management (i.e. how they take and manage studio bookings broken down by space).

Solution & outcome
Reduction in creator onboarding time

First, we tackled the content operating system.

We designed a process to take long form content (for example, a 1 hour podcast, a keynote, an interview-style video, etc.) and break it down into micro-content to then be distributed on all applicable platforms.

Once the process was mapped out, for version 1 of the product, we leveraged Airtable to build the backend database that would support all workflow and automations, integrated it with Slack for better communication, and built interfaces to make the records easier to manage.

Here, we developed a CRM that is able to pull in all leads from an external sales outreach software and track those leads through the pipeline in different views. We also automated the MSA signing, payment, and onboarding processes to streamline the transition from lead to client.

Airtable interface view of CRM pipeline

Once they became a client, we leveraged Airtable interfaces to manage all clients and their respective projects. Having all information in one place helped streamline communication.

Airtable interface view of project management system

We then built a separate base and onboarding flow for all creators to easily intake and onboard them to the creator roster and assign those creators to clients.

Airtable interface view of creator roster
All creator contracts were automatically drafted and sent via PandaDoc

Then, we worked on studio management.

For the studio, we needed it to be completely turnkey for anyone to rent and use. This meant ensuring security was strong, payments could be automatically taken, and the process to use the equipment was simple and clear. In addition, we needed each space in the studio (podcast studio, production studio, entire space, meeting room) to be individually bookable with logic that would prevent double bookings.

We first started by choosing a booking management software that met all criteria and had an open API to connect it to the existing data in Airtable to ensure everything was centralized. We leveraged stripe for automated payment processing (reoccurring and one-off).

We designed a clean onboarding email & sms flow to allow the client to easily receive their custom lockbox code, access the space, and know exactly how to use all of the equipment.

Finally, we designed dashboards to track bookings, revenue, and utilization of the space.

Space utilization data dashboard (early after lauch so utilization is low)
Space sales dashboard (bookings, clients and revenue)

Testimonial from client