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Data dashboards for an agency to visualize and communicate KPIs

Data dashboards provide real-time insights for marketing agencies to visualize KPIs.

Cundari Group
Data Strategist
Project overview

Data dashboards developed by Cundari & Co. provide transparency and real-time performance insights to marketing agencies, helping them effectively communicate and visualize KPIs.

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Problem we were solving

All marketing agencies are held accountable to their clients based on specific metrics. Many times, clients undervalue the performance of their agency because the agency is not continually communicating their performance against KPIs.At Cundari Group, they would report on these KPIs monthly to ensure the clients always knew how they were performing and if specific KPIs were being missed, how the strategy would be adjusted.

The issue was these reports took a lot of time from the Cundari team to put together and analyze. Our job was to organize the data from all sources in a dashboard that the client could always have access.

Solution & outcome
6 hours
saved per month per client
Annual cost savings per client

For each client, we first conducted an intake meeting with the media buying team. Here, we dove deep into understanding what data sources they required, what metrics they wanted to display, and what KPIs they were tracking against.

Since Cundari Group uses Google Suite, we selected Looker to display the data.

The result was a simple to use interface that saved the Cundari Group team hours of their time and allowed the client to always have access to performance, increasing the transparency of the relationship.

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