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Workflow Management Software for a Construction Business

Transforming construction project management with workflow automation and information organization.

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Project overview

A construction business implemented workflow management software (CRM & PMS) to streamline operations, minimize errors, and achieve 100% employee adoption.

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Problem we were solving

D&M Corporation was grappling with significant operational challenges that impeded their project management efficiency and overall business performance.

To thoroughly understand D&M's challenges, we employed a multi-faceted research approach:

  • Stakeholder Interviews: In-depth discussions with key personnel, including Mark's insights on project management and Patrick's views on technological infrastructure.
  • Job On-Sites: Direct observation at work sites (665 Balliol St with Rob and Isiah; 60 Bathurst St with Matt and V(?)) provided practical insights into day-to-day operations.
  • Digital Analysis: An examination of the digital infrastructure, focusing on server-based information architecture.

Primary Goal: Minimizing Wasted Effort

Fragmented Information Management

A key issue was the disorganized management of information, characterized by a disconnect between digital and physical records. This fragmentation resulted in vital project details being inconsistently accessible, as seen in cases where installers struggled to find critical information like hinge specifications.

Inefficient Manual Processes

The company's workflow was further hampered by inefficient manual processes. From sales to project completion, the reliance on repetitive, manual tasks led to time-consuming processes prone to human error. This traditional approach not only affected project timelines but also compromised quality.

Solution & outcome
Reduction in fulfillment errors
Back office employee adoption

In order to solve the problems outlined, we focused our efforts on 3 core initiatives:

  1. Revamp Information Architecture: Transition to a cloud-based system for organized data management.
  2. Process Automation: Implement project management software and digitize key forms to reduce manual effort.

Revamp Information Architecture

We started by redesigning how files should be organized and structured, mapping it out via Figma.

Information Architecture of new cloud drive structure

All existing files and details were hosted on an on-premise server. This was great for security, but there was certain information we wanted to be easily accessible via a cloud server so we could push that information elsewhere. Consequently, we started by first selecting the cloud server to use; in this case, it was GSuite.

Once selected, key files to manage day-to-day operations were transferred over to the cloud server. This set us up to then build a workflow we could automate.

Process Automation

We started by first mapping out existing processes to identify wasted effort. Using this, we were then able to redesign each process to be more efficient and have better information flow between teams.

old and new process flows for each part of the business

Once designed, we built the CRM and Project Management System (PMS) infrastructure in Airtable given its strong ability to manage large amounts of records and automations.

airtable data view of project management system

The database had a master search function that looked through all CRM and PMS records where as before a manual search of physical files was necessary.

Airtable data view of search functionality

We also redesigned their measurement sheet to be both cleaner to read and to auto-populate client information to remove duplicated efforts.

Measurement form - before
Measurement form - after
Testimonial from client