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Notion Workspace Design & Development for a Marketing Agency

Transformed project management, saving time and fostering collaboration in a marketing agency.

King Street Media
Notion Consultant
Project overview

Transforming project management for King Street Media, our team designed and built a Notion workspace, ensuring timely completion of projects and tasks while fostering seamless collaboration. We integrated this with a newly design google Workspace, team password protection, and Slack Structure. With 100% employee adoption, this new infrastructure saved an estimated 5 hours per week per employee.

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Problem we were solving

King Street Media was facing a common issue that is often encountered in marketing agencies:

ensuring timely completion of all projects and tasks, while effectively coordinating with the entire company throughout the process.

Additionally, given their high profile clients, their technology stack needed security upgrades made to ensure all data and files remain secure and the proper employee provisioning and deprovisioning is in place.

Our team was hired to design their new technology infrastructure stack, build a project management system, and train the entire team to ensure adoption.

Solution & outcome
employee adoption
5 hr
saved per week per employee

Company Audit

We started by auditing the existing tech stack and how they are used by employees. This included interviewing every team member throughout the organization to get an understanding of their frustrations. This allowed us to find the common issues that plagued the organization.

From this audit, we then mapped out the existing process to identify waste and areas of improvement. This allowed us to then map out the new process to identify the areas that can be automated.

Tech Stack Selection

Outside of moving the team from Google Drive to Google Team Spaces, keeping them on Slack and integrating in 1Password, our main software focus was for project management. Given the amount of customization needed, we landed on Notion to integrate docs, workflow, and client management all in one place.

Build, Launch, and Integrate

We start every build with an information architecture to outline what the structure should be and how it will interact with other areas of the business. Once approved and built in Notion, we launched the platform at a company town hall.

Integration was all about training employees and empowering managers to be product champions.

KSM's notion dashboard - Home page wiki

To ensure work velocity was tracked, we built automations to push and summarize the data in google sheets.

Make.com automation: recording work velocity for internal tasks
Make.com automation: recording work velocity for client tasks
Testimonial from client
Mark Simone
Partner - Director of Accounts

We are immensely grateful to Chris and his team for their exceptional work. Their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to understanding our unique challenges have been instrumental in our growth and success. We highly recommend Chris to any organization looking to revolutionize their project management and technology infrastructure. As a dynamic marketing agency, King Street Media faced significant project management and technology infrastructure challenges. Our collaboration with Chris and his team marked a transformative journey towards efficiency and security. A key highlight of this engagement was the 100% adoption rate among our employees. Chris's strategy of empowering managers as product champions and comprehensive training sessions ensured a smooth transition to the new system. The launch at our company town hall was a pivotal moment, marking the beginning of a more efficient and secure era for King Street Media.

Chris's strategy led to a 100% adoption rate, transforming our efficiency and security.